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If the words “accountant near me” appears in your recent search list, then you are in the right place! My Personal Accountant in London has a reputation for being the trusted local accountants with good reason. Our expertise and experience makes us forerunners in the financial industry. Having an accountant that you can trust is a crucial part of managing your financial data, whether in a personal or business capacity. Your accounting and bookkeeping needs will vary based on your business or personal setup. Having an accountant that is well-versed across all requirements is an investment in your wealth.

Professional accounting services should cater to a wide variety of financial needs. At My Personal Accountant, we offer a complete financial solution to suit your needs. Our speciality areas are small and medium enterprises in the UK and our services are tailored to provide the services our clients require. Whether you are in need of a full spectrum of services, or specialist services such as Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) support, My Personal Accountant can help you. At the end of the day, whether a small or medium enterprise, we deliver the same level of meticulous and reliable financial services across the board.

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We Offer Invaluable Financial Expertise and Advice

A core accounting function of My Personal Accountant is handling business tax requirements. We understand the needs of sole traders, partnerships, contractors, limited companies, LLPs and small businesses. Not only will we help to ensure statutory compliance, but also that your returns are submitted timeously and accurately. Our business accountants deal with various complexities of tax returns and can handle formalities on your behalf as a registered agent of HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).  Furthermore, My Personal Accountant strives to reduce our client’s tax liability by making them aware of certain provisions and reliefs for their particular business setup. 

Having an experienced accountant to assist with your annual self assessment tax return can also help you to avoid any pitfalls or unexpected surprises. Additionally, by making use of the latest technological offerings of accounting software, we can offer our clients real-time financial insights. A Quickbooks accountant on your team streamlines collaboration between your business and a management accountant, ensuring that you are always up to date with your financial data. These financial insights also help us to prepare, develop and analyse financial data to help your business make well-informed decisions. Furthermore, utilising advanced accounting software can assist with the streamlining and automation of various business processes.

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The Leading Business Accountants in London

Our expert accountants at My Personal Accountant can assist your company with any VAT requirements you  might have. Being registered for VAT brings with it a different set of statutory responsibilities, which can be complex and time consuming for a business owner. More often than not, business owners are not VAT specialists and can unwittingly make mistakes when handling this on their own. My Personal Accountant can also take care of any payroll preparation that your business might need. Payroll has the potential to become a nightmare when left in the wrong hands. However, this area of your business can be run smoothly and effectively, which in turn makes self assessment tax returns less stressful. 

If you need to find an accountant that can support you with the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), look no further than My Personal Accountant. We assist clients to recognise contractors from subcontractors and ensure that the correct taxes and National Insurance are calculated. My Personal Accountant has worked with businesses of various sizes, across a wide range of industries; no work is too small or complex for us! We recommend getting in touch with My Personal Accountant in London today if you are in need of an expert accounting services from accountants in London. We are the trusted local business accountants near you.